FleetRoute – Route Optimisation Software – Products

FleetRoute™ is a unique software system that can solve both high-density and low-density routing problems. Our products are:

FleetRoute™ Base

FleetRoute™ BaseOur flagship product is FleetRoute™ Base, which solves the real world routing problems of many industries.

Some of the factors FleetRoute™ consider include:

  • All components of the work day
  • Complete travel paths (which are required for realistic route balancing)
  • Up to thousands of customers per route
  • Variable vehicle capacities
  • Specific side of street servicing
  • Priority servicing
  • Variable participation and setout rates
  • Driving and walking routes
  • Different crew configurations
  • Optimisation of facility trips and assignments
  • Automated yet customisable mapping
  • And more...

FleetRoute™ Lite

FleetRoute™ LiteFor organisations that have had us create the routes for them as a service FleetRoute™ Lite gives them the software tools to:

  • Keep their data up-to-date
  • Incorporate customer changes into their routes
  • Make dynamic changes to the route paths
  • Produce maps and reports 
  • Make ad-hoc queries

Automated Route Updater

Automated Route UpdaterFor organisations that require daily or periodic updates to their routes, we offer the Automated Route Updater, which imports new customer or service information, inserts this work into the most efficient routes and generates all route travel paths and other outputs automatically.

Facility Location and Territory Analyser

Facility Location and Territory AnalyserIn regard to transportation costs the Facility Location and Territory Analyser can

  • Identify the optimal locations for new facilities
  • Identify which facilities to close or consolidate
  • Create districts and identify areas of influence of multiple facilities
  • Analyse cross-boundary working opportunities

FleetRoute™ utilises ArcGIS technology from the leading GIS company ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) for its interface and mapping platform.

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