CIVIX L.L.C. creates route optimisation software and solutions. Our flagship product FleetRoute™ is specialised in solving the most difficult routing problems to maximise the efficiency of vehicles and crews in  industries where a large number of customers or streets need to be serviced such as:

  • Waste and recycling
  • Street cleansing, street scene and public works 
  • Meter reading
  • Local and postal delivery
  • Street surveys and other activities in which a high level of detail is required

Some of the benefits of FleetRoute™ are:

  • Maximising the efficiency of vehicles and crews
  • Balancing workloads between routes, districts, and service days
  • Optimising travel paths to reduce unproductive deadheading
  • Reducing labour and overtime costs
  • Lowering fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reducing mileage and CO2
  • Standardising and institutionalising the routing "know-how" in an organisation

Our products focus on adressing real-world constraints that affect routes in the field and providing results that can be successfully implemented.

FleetRoute™ can be licensed for use directly by the client or routes can be created as a service by CIVIX or our partners, expert consultants in the vertical markets they serve around the world.

FleetRoute™ is the fast route.

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