FleetRoute – Route Optimisation Software – Services

CIVIX provides the following services:

Routing Service Bureau

For organisations whose routes are relatively static we offer a routing service bureau where we create the routes in conjunction with the client's requirements and input. This is often the lowest-cost option for certain types of routing projects. We utilise our extensive expertise of routing issues and operational techniques gathered from around the world to advise the client on the best options to consider and our knowledge of FleetRoute™ to perform the route optimisation in a quick and cost-effective way. This approach keeps the client focused on the larger operational picture and leaves the technical details to us. Naturally, routes created by us in this way can be edited by the client to reflect local knowledge.

Organisations can optionally license FleetRoute™ Lite to maintain and update their routes on their own computers after we have created their routes with the service bureau.


CIVIX provides a full programme of training courses for its products, tailored to each industry and routing application. These training sessions can be conducted at the client's own site.

Data Conversion and Preparation

In addition to FleetRoute™'s many existing data conversion interfaces with other related software and database systems, CIVIX can perform or advise in the identification, conversion and creation of suitable data for use in FleetRoute™ depending upon the client's specific industry and routing application. We help clients identify the most cost effective customer and street data for their specific needs.

Operations Consulting

CIVIX and its partners can perform a variety of operations consulting for organisations to ensure successful implementation of its routes and improvement in other areas of its operations such as:

  • Right-sizing vehicles and crew
  • Alternative servicing strategies, methodologies and techniques
  • New route implementation strategies
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Driver training
  • Facility siting analysis
  • Territory districting

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